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A private membership group of individuals who want to learn practical ideas together and apply them for insane personal growth

Problem #1: I can't measure my personal growth

Imagine going to the gym every day for a year.

January 1st you weigh 230lbs.

December 31st you weigh 160lbs but you look like a boss.

You can actually measure how much your hard work paid off. When you look in the mirror, and back at the picture a year ago... you can see the definition of your muscle, the lack of fat around your waist and confidence boost when you think back to all that hard work.

Imagine working on your personal brand or business venture with the 4 hair-pulling free hours you have each day.

By the end of 6 months you can literally see your income double... triple.. and maybe even 10x.

You can look at your monthly budgets and see that your savings and investments are growing.

During the holidays this year... you have an extra $3000 to spend on gifts for your family and friends.

The problem with self-development is that it's really hard to measure your growth.

How were your relationships last year? Did you grow?

What about your happiness?

Motivation levels?

Your work ethic? It's difficult to measure that stuff.

Problem #2: I can't read as fast as other people

Did you know the average CEO reads more than a book a week? That's like 52 books a year!

If you were like me in high school, reading was one of the most embarrassing things to do.

Remember getting picked on to read out loud? What about spending hours at home trying to focus so you could finish the packet of The Catcher and The Rye?

I sucked at reading. I didn't want to read. Then I got hooked on reading books that actually helped me grow my business, my relationships, and eventually myself as a person. These books are the 2nd best thing to finding a mentor. A few studies have actually correlated books read to yearly income.

Now I have a whole business around reading, summarizing and animating books that help millions of people!

Check out an example:

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Problem #3: I'm not around a positive community that helps me grow

When I graduated high school, I wasn't around people who supported me and made me the best me I can be.

I wasn't around mentors. My first week of college sucked because I spent so much time doing homework I couldn't even make any friends.

I'm sure if you think back to the lowest point in your life... you weren't around positive people who you needed to be around.

It's a fact that you are who you spend most of your time around.

INTRODUCING: Practical Growth Academy

What will you get in this private monthly membership?


Journal Outlines

Watch yourself grow in less than a week by using these practical and measurable action worksheets.

Measuring growth in your personal life is difficult, but these worksheets make tracking your growth in a specific area easier than tracking your budget.

Even if you've never journaled before, I'll walk you step-by-step through my process that has helped thousands of people organize their days, weeks, and eventually track their progress.

Discord/Google Hangout/Skype groups

Hang around an encouraging group of other people who are serious about growing themselves.

Put "You are the sum of the 5 people you spend most of your time around" to work and be around mentors who can lift you up and teach you things in 1/10th of the time!


Book PDFs and MP3s

Listen to these valuable summaries in less than 10 minutes on the go, remember what you learned, and have a downloadable PDF checklist to help memorize big ideas.

Animated Book Summary

Watch a highly engaging video summary of books written by experts to learn practical ideas in the fastest way possible and explode your outcome in 2018.

In less than 10 minutes, you can download a book to your brain by simply watching these fun videos! No need to spend hours reading a book unless you want to follow along.

Livestream Q&A

Each week, I’ll gather up the questions everyone in the growth group sends me, and I’ll answer them on a live-stream call so you can have personalized advice from me, as well as listen to the valuable advice I give others.

"The Early Bird Gets The Worm" and "The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese" are both cliche's and both very powerful pieces of advice... but the value comes in knowing when to apply each one. Context matters and I'll take your context into account when I answer your question!

You’ll also have instant access to all the previous livestreams in case you missed any.


Mini-Master Course

We all know the 80-20 principle. I’ll teach you 80% of a topic in 20% of the time it takes to learn.

Get an advanced understanding of core ideas each month by watching a short 4-video series on topics such as productivity, money management, meditation, habits, and other practical life skills. These mini-courses have been valued at $49 each, but I'll give you one each month included in this membership.

Get started now!

"Thank you so much for helping me take action. You have helped me change my life in amazing ways and I can't thank you enough for all the info, and personal help."

- Ryan Dobson

"I’ll keep it simple, it’s been only a month & I’ve seen my life rapidly progressing because of this course. This course is simply outstanding & especially the PGA Community helps each and every individual to solve their problems. The Mini-Courses & Worksheets are so professionally crafted that it totally kills your procrastination & gets you all set for the day. Thanks to Theo, he has solved most of my problems within a month. I promise investing in this course would be your best investment in life. Fact:The best part is that it’s so affordable that, it’s half of half of the price i spend on a dinner. Caution: Nothing would change if you DON’T take any action after the calls, worksheets, mini-courses, weekly videos."

- Jitesh

"After following Theodore's Youtube channel for a while and it had helped me a lot in several situations I decided to have a go with PGA. The idea behind is amazing because I have read psychology books in the past however I needed something that helped me apply the lessons in my life and that's what happened with the actionable worksheets that helped me taking action in the lessons of the books. With the book summaries, I can remember the content of the book and then with the actionable worksheets I just put it in practice. In PGA there is also the Mini-courses which for me it's the best part because in such a short period of time there is a lot of knowledge that you can apply immediately to your daily life and those are the ones that have impacted me the most until now."

- Mack

"To be honest this is my first paid course I’ve taken and I am loving it so far! I am happy that I get to talk with you and that you seem to be really approachable despite your busy schedule. It was smart of you to put up Discord because we get to talk with our fellow PGA members as well"

- Gee

So, as a review, each month you'll receive:

  • 4 Video Book Summaries (with PDFs and MP3s)
  • 4 Actionable Worksheets to apply book ideas into your own life
  • 4 Livestream Q&A calls (plus lifetime playbacks)
  • 4 Mini-Mastery Course Videos to utilize the 80-20 principle to learn foundational topics
  • 30 Daily Journal Templates to track your growth

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